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 Email Archiving or Extented Storage

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    The following are the overall Exchange solution goals for the Exchange Storage design architecture:

Solutions Goals

Satisfying growing need of email storage need.
Comply with SEC supervisory rules 17a-3 and 17a-4 .
Comply with NASD rules 3010.
Capture, secure, index, and store email and intellectual property through a centralized, user or policy-based archive
Provide uniformity in the delivery of services by centralizing whenever possible the concentration of exchange infrastructure

Search and retrieve emails quickly through a secure Web interface coupled with advanced search and multiple media output options.

Achieve Single Instance Storage and eliminate cumbersome, end user archiving with .PSTs or native GroupWise Archives.

Full end-user archiving capabilities with Exchange Outlook and the GroupWise Client integration.

Flexibly manage storage through media library and management, optical media WORM support, near-line device management, including support for EMC Centera and NetApps SnapLock.

  Message retrieval and evidence gathering and reporting tools


  Overall Design document
  Complete vendors and products analysis reports
  Server Sizing
  Specialty/Other Servers Sizing
  Regional Specific Designs (For Large Enterprise)
  Desktop Deployment for Outlook
Backup and Restore Design
Monitoring infrastructure Design
Installation and configuration guides
Email Extended Storage Design or Arching
Email live Journaling

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