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    We can provide the following services to help with your Sharepoint implementation:


Sharepoint Structure.
  Sharepoint Portal can be a minefield of terminology and buzzwords. We can explain how Sharepoint is structured and how it can benefit your business.

Server Farm Design.
  Depending on the size of your implementation and requirements for data redundancy, there are a number of installation scenarios. Sharepoint can be installed on a single server using the SQL Desktop Engine, which is ideal for very small or test systems. For performance and redundancy however, the Portal can be spread over multiple servers running as a server farm.

Migration from Sharepoint 2001.
  Sharepoint Portal 2003 is a new product, based on the .NET development framework and using SQL Server for data storage. Consequently Web Parts and Document Libraries from 2001 are not compatible with 2003. We can help you design and implement a migration strategy minimizing the impact on your users. Initial migration may involve the use of Backward Compatible Document Libraries so that users can access documents in the same manner.

  Sharepoint Area Design.

The Portal installs above Windows Sharepoint Services (formerly Team Services). We can help you design an Area (also known as Topics) hierarchy for navigation and a Site structure for data storage, based on your organization’s requirements.

Sharepoint Customization.
  Although Sharepoint provides a ready-made out of the box Portal most organizations will want to customize their portal. This may involve straightforward alterations to the appearance or in depth coding to create Web Parts. There are a lot of 3rd Party Web Parts available, which may already meet your requirements. We can advise on the best solutions for you.

  Provide decentralized administration in the areas of:

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